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Life Transforming Dentistry

We are a small practice with lofty ambitions. Our services are geared towards providing positive transformations to the state of your health and wellbeing especially when it comes to dentistry.

We are passionate about helping you to turn around your life and for us we believe your smile has a huge impact on how you interact on a social level. The ability to eat and talk properly is a human right without which our lives lack the vitality it needs.

There are many ways we can help you to achieve this transformation and we have mentioned some of these on our website.

At Liberty Dentists we value our patients and the relationships we have with them. We strive to provide the best experience for every patient entrusted to our care. Our standards of behaviour to you are guided by our principles of compassion, commitment, communication, collaboration and consistency.

Gentle painless treatment is a must these days and this aspect of our practice is important. We believe our patients deserve the brand of dentistry all dentists would want for themselves and their own families.

It’s an unfortunate fact that the traditional method of dentistry leads to more dentistry over time. How many people do you know that would like to have their filling redone or be happy to have the filling replaced again and again over the years?

The method we employ has many benefits; it reduces the need to replace your fillings, the fillings are far smaller, it saves time in the long term with fewer visits and you save money by not having to replace your fillings so often and waste time on taking time off work.

We are committed to this brand of dentistry. After all it is the sort of dentistry our dentists and staff would like for themselves.

Is this for you?

So how can you tell whether this is the right set up for you?  Apart from the clues dropped so far, we are interested in helping individuals who are very motivated about maintaining their dental health at its optimum.  We are keen to embrace patients that will not stop for anything but the best in quality and expertise. 

Why choose us?

If you decide to work with us and become a member of this practice we will promise the following:

  • You will receive quality dentistry that is innovative.  We do not believe your health should be compromised with budget standard dentistry
  • You will be part of a practice that values ethics and responsibility
  • This means we will recommend the right treatment for you because it is the right thing and the best option for you
  • We will be candid with you when it matters, we will not hide behind excuses or withhold information from you
  • We will look at all options available to help you pay for treatments that may be beyond your ability at the current time and not deprive you of the right to good dental health

Dr K Rahman
(Principle Dentist)

I would like to take the pleasure in welcoming you to our practice website. Over the years practicing dentistry has been a source of great joy because I know what we do helps to change lives. It is extremely rewarding especially when you realise the difference it makes.

We are living in a time when dentistry is evolving rapidly and we want to ensure that our patients can benefit from the advanced procedures and techniques and be knowledgeable of all the options open to them.

Time spent getting to know a patient is important to us. And a small set up is perfect to bring our services to discerning clients that are looking for a more personalised approach to their dental health where you can feel part of the practice.