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Same Day Implants

Dental implants

Although our teeth are designed for a lifetime, sometimes they don’t survive that long for various reasons. Apart from losing the ability to chew in that area, a missing tooth can affect the general health and indeed the health of the neighbouring teeth in the area.

Modern space age materials combined with decades of research and clinical trials have helped to make dental implants the most predictable and unrivalled choice to replace missing teeth.
Same day implants will save time and dental visits. Most new implants can be placed without surgery in a single visit.

Dental Implants will help you if any of the circumstances below apply to you.

  • Missing teeth (single or several)
  • Missing teeth can cause other teeth to tip and move and cause bite problems as well as affect the look of your smile as gaps may begin to appear
  • Complete or Partial Dentures - if you have loose dentures and fed up of using adhesive
  • Your dentures prevent you from chewing foods properly
  • Your dentures are causing speech problems
  • Your dentures have unsightly metal clasps which are straining your anchor teeth
  • You are embarrassed to smile and talk in public because you are afraid your denture may fall out

Why you should have dental implants?

  • It is the best option to replace teeth
  • It will help to recover proper eating, biting efficiency and speaking
  • It will give you more confidence
  • Your dentures will be held in place firmly so that they do not move
  • Large bulky areas of your denture can be trimmed away, leaving a slim line denture
  • No need for sticky adhesives
  • A dental implant will mimic your natural roots and prevent progressive bone loss and natural jaw shrinkage in areas where there are no teeth - halting the visible signs of aging in that area and keeping the facial appearance in the right proportion for your age
  • Dental implants are clinically proven with a success rate in excess of 90% and have been used for the last 50 years
  • It enables you to have a tooth that feels like a natural tooth without unnecessarily damaging neighbouring teeth
  • It really goes some way to help distribute forces evenly in the mouth
  • It will prevent neighbouring teeth from drifting into the space and possible jaw and bite problems