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Teeth Straightening

Straight teeth from 6 weeks

Not everybody is gifted with naturally straight looking teeth. In fact it is quite common to have crooked teeth. There are many causes and some of them include:

  • Being born with naturally crooked teeth
  • With time our mouth changes and this progression impacts on the spacing of teeth
  • Tooth loss and the subsequent movement of remaining teeth
  • A small jaw causes teeth to be crowded or drift out of space
  • Thumb sucking!

Benefits of straightening teeth:

  • You can have a beautiful smile
  • Can help improve the contour of the lips and face
  • Promotes better function of teeth by balancing forces
  • Reduces habits such grinding and clenching and prevents unnecessary wear on teeth as well as the development of headaches and facial pain
  • It becomes easier to clean, floss and place fillings if necessary
  • Enhances social and career success in adults by enhancing self esteem, self image and self confidence

Here are some facts that should help you to dispel the many myths we are so accustomed to:

  • Adults can definitely straighten their teeth
  • Metal train tracks are virtually obsolete
  • Straight teeth can be achieved very quickly these days, in a matter of weeks and months as opposed to the traditional two year wait
  • Braces do not have to be fixed in permanently
  • There are many clear alternatives which are far better looking and virtually see through
  • You can brush and clean your teeth better without the aid of special equipment in the vast majority of cases now with the new designs
  • Depending on the option you choose they can be removed for important social events