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Tooth Collection – Stem Cells

Did you know teeth contain a rich source of potent stem cells?

What are stem cells and what is so wonderful about them?

All cells in every organ and tissue in the body is originally formed from stem cells, this can be your heart, brain, bones, nerves, blood , skin etc. Stem cells are cells that are in a development stage yet to mature into a certain cell type in the body. They are unique because they drive the natural healing processes of the body throughout life by healing or restoring affected areas.

In general there are a very small number of stem cells within each tissue and organ in the body. However if the stem cells are extracted, stored and when called upon increased in number through culturing you will have access to a large amount of your own stem cells as and when the need arises.

In this type of modern medicine, the focus is in the body using its natural self healing ability to coordinate its own healing and repair in the case of disease or damage through the use of the additional stem cells at its disposal. The potential for stem cells to mature and form those cell types that are lacking and be accepted without rejection is what makes them special.

Stem Cells and their current medical applications

Regenerative medicine already has made its mark in dentistry with dental bone regeneration possible as well as the potential to re grow teeth.

Research is being actively carried out in areas of medical need and encouraging signs of the benefits of cell based therapies for the treatment for Heart attacks, Diabetes type 1, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Muscular dystrophy have been seen.

Why collect teeth and when?

Teeth collection in the early years is the least invasive way to access this invaluable rich store of stem cells, especially as you have many opportunities to collect baby teeth as they fall out during the childhood years. Orthodontic or wisdom teeth extractions provide other instances when stem cells can conveniently be collected.

By collecting and storing teeth whether baby or adult you will have a bank of stem cells which will be accessible for you and should the need arise can potentially be used to treat any unfortunate condition that may afflict you or any family member in the future.

Why choose us?

This service is common in the US and other countries outside of the UK. In the UK, the service will expand as in other international countries. Liberty Dentists have introduced this pioneering service to the practice and in doing so is the first of a handful of practices in the UK, currently the only provider in Shoreditch, East London and Essex.

Contact us for further information

If you would like to join the growing number of individuals that store their stem cells for the future please contact us.

“Maybe one day, rather than treating people with tablets, we’ll just be treating them with their own cells”

Proffessor Anthony Mathur
Proffessor of Cardiology at Barts
and The London NHS Trust.
Head of Stem Cell Research Programme

How many teeth need to be collected?

There is no need to collect a whole number of teeth, one tooth is enough.

Should we wait until the tooth falls out to have it stored?

The best way to collect tooth is to have the dentist take the tooth out before it is about to fall out, that way the tooth has a vital supply line before being taken out and we can be sure of collecting a good amount of stem cells.

What to do if a baby tooth falls out at school?

It is best to store it in milk within 15 to 20 minutes of this occurring. It can then be stored in a special storage container provided by us. This will then be sent for storage.