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Located in Shoreditch, Liberty Dentists is a modern, friendly dental practice, which offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic and general dental treatments.

The practice is equipped with state of the art technology and has a warm, calming ambience. 

We recognise that choosing a new dental practice to attend is a very important decision and we are committed to ensuring that we exceed your expectations and provide a service of the highest quality.


Khalisur Rahman

Principal Dentist
GDC 79912

Meet Dr. Khalisur Rahman, affectionately known as Kal, a dental virtuoso who’s been revolutionising smiles in London for over two decades. Dr. Rahman’s journey in dentistry began at Birmingham University, a launching pad that quickly led him back to the familiar streets of London, the city where he grew up. Here, he’s not just a dentist; he’s a devoted husband and a loving father, balancing his professional excellence with a warm family life.

Dr. Rahman’s clinic, a testament to his dedication and expertise, stands as a beacon of preventative dentistry. His philosophy is simple yet profound: prevention is better than cure. This approach has not only won him admiration for managing simple to complex cases but has also earned his clients significant savings in time and money.

His quest for knowledge is relentless. Postgraduate studies at the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute, University College London, saw him dive deep into Restorative Dentistry and Sports Dentistry, making him one of the pioneers in this niche field. His recent delve into IV and Inhalational sedation further establishes him as a leader in addressing the concerns of his anxious patients, prioritizing their comfort, and enhancing his ability to provide them with better support.

Dr. Rahman’s clinic is more than just a dental office; it’s a haven of comfort and care. His gentle approach, combined with a wide array of high-quality dental treatments, makes him a favorite, especially among nervous patients. In an era where dental care is increasingly inaccessible, he stands out by bringing essential dental treatments to those who need them most.

But what truly sets Dr. Rahman apart is his commitment to educating his patients. He believes in empowering each individual with knowledge about their dental health, helping them make informed decisions, and preventing future dental issues.

Beyond the world of dentistry, Dr. Rahman finds his greatest joy in family time, cherishing moments that remind us of the human side of this exceptional dental practitioner.

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Anastasia Khomin

GDC 264807

Meet Anastasia, our cherished dentist, whose journey in dentistry is as impressive as her compassionate approach to patient care. Anastasia’s academic excellence shone brightly when she graduated with Distinction from the prestigious University of Bristol in 2016. Her passion for dentistry didn’t stop there. She further enhanced her expertise by earning a Diploma in Primary Care from the University of Kent, once again achieving a Distinction.

After university, Anastasia chose the charming town of Eastbourne on the south coast to start her dental career. Here, she not only expanded her skillset but also developed a deep interest in aesthetic dentistry and facial aesthetics, areas in which she has now become exceptionally skilled.

Anastasia’s journey led her to London, where she continues to excel in private dentistry. She has a particular fondness for Invisalign and composite bonding, two areas where she has developed remarkable expertise, making her a sought-after professional for referrals.

What truly sets Anastasia apart is her innate ability to connect with her patients. Known for her caring demeanor and clear explanations, she excels in making her patients feel at ease. Her skill in comforting anxious patients is noteworthy, as she tailors her approach to each individual’s needs, especially those with dental phobias.

Adding to her multifaceted profile, Anastasia is fluent in both Ukrainian and Russian, making her an invaluable communicator in our diverse community.

Outside the clinic, Anastasia’s vibrant personality shines through. She loves socializing with friends, embarking on long walks to unwind, and is an avid Formula 1 enthusiast. Her well-rounded life, professional dedication, and patient-first approach make Anastasia an extraordinary member of our team, one whom we are incredibly proud to have.

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Jane Meldrum


Introducing Jane, a passionate and skilled dentist with a rich international background, whose professional journey in dentistry is as diverse as it is impressive. Hailing from the emerald shores of Ireland, Jane's dental career blossomed after graduating from the esteemed University of Dundee in 2018. Her adventurous spirit led her to the bustling city of London, where she quickly made her mark in general dental practice.

Jane's dedication to her craft didn't go unnoticed. Soon after her initial foray into dentistry, she achieved a significant milestone by earning a diploma from the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. This accolade was just the beginning of her quest for excellence.

Her thirst for knowledge and expertise took her to the esteemed King’s College Hospital and the Royal London Hospital. There, she spent two enriching years training in the highly specialized fields of Restorative Dentistry, Special Care, and Sedation. These experiences not only sharpened her skills but also broadened her perspective in providing holistic dental care.

Currently, Jane is on the cusp of completing her postgraduate diploma in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry. This advanced qualification is enabling her to offer comprehensive treatment plans that beautifully balance function and aesthetics, a testament to her commitment to high-quality, personalized care.

What truly sets Jane apart is her approach to dentistry. She is renowned for her friendly, patient-centered style, always prioritizing preventative measures and tailoring every treatment to the unique needs of each patient. Her philosophy is simple yet profound: to make dental care a positive, reassuring experience.

Outside the clinic, Jane is an avid enthusiast of the outdoors and the culinary arts. She loves to spend her time running, cycling, and indulging in the culinary delights of London’s diverse restaurant scene, reflecting her vibrant and well-rounded personality.

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Ioanna Yiallouridou, DDS


Meet Ioanna, a general dentist with an exceptional flair for Prosthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, and managing Temporomandibular disorders (TMD). With a career spanning over a decade, Ioanna’s journey in the world of dentistry is as inspiring as it is diverse.

Ioanna’s academic roots trace back to the renowned Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where she laid the foundation for her impressive career. Shortly after graduating, her talents took her to the heart of Greece, Athens, where she honed her skills as an associate dentist in various esteemed private dental clinics.

In 2015, Ioanna’s pursuit of excellence led her back to Thessaloniki. There, she delved deeper into the world of Prosthodontics through a postgraduate program. This period marked a significant growth in her clinical skills and knowledge. Moreover, Ioanna’s dedication to her field didn’t stop at practice; she also engaged in clinical research, contributing valuable insights that were later published in scientific journals.

Today, Ioanna’s practice is a beacon of her philosophy in dentistry, where prevention is paramount. She skillfully serves her patients with a spectrum of restorative needs, from the art of minimally invasive composite bonding for smile makeovers to the intricacies of veneer, crown, bridge restorations, and dentures. A significant part of her practice is also dedicated to treating patients with TMJ disorders, particularly Bruxism, showcasing her comprehensive approach to dental care.

Beyond her clinical expertise, Ioanna is also a polyglot, fluent in both English and Greek, bridging language barriers in her practice.

When she’s not transforming smiles, Ioanna finds joy and balance in her personal life. She’s an avid Pilates enthusiast, a passionate sourdough baker, and a devoted plant caretaker, reflecting her multifaceted personality and commitment to a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.

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Georgios Antonoglou

Periodontist and Expert Implant surgeon

Introducing Georgios, a dedicated dental professional whose journey in dentistry began in 2005. His career has been a global adventure, with notable stints in Greece, Finland, Sweden, and Spain.

Since 2019, Georgios has been practicing in the United Kingdom, specializing in periodontology and dental implantology. Currently, he is a key member of the clinical team at King’s College London, where he imparts his knowledge in Periodontology to undergraduate dental students. Georgios is not just a practitioner but also a scholar; since 2012, his extensive research in periodontology and dental implantology has been featured in numerous international peer-reviewed journals.

When he’s not in the clinic or the classroom, Georgios loves to unwind by socializing and relaxing with friends, showcasing his well-rounded personality.

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Nisrin Alfreahat

Endodontic Expert

We are thrilled to introduce Dr. Nisrin Alfreahat, an expert in endodontics, who brings a profound commitment to excellence and patient-centered care to our team.

Dr. Alfreahat, with her prestigious Master’s degree in Clinical Dentistry in Endodontology (MClinDent) from BPP University in London and a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), is not just a highly respected figure in her field but a beacon of dedication and precision. Her extensive experience spans across the United Kingdom and internationally, making her a distinguished expert in handling complex dental cases.

At Liberty, Dr. Alfreahat combines her deep passion for preserving natural teeth with cutting-edge dental technology to deliver painless and exceptional root canal treatments. Each patient’s unique needs are met with meticulous care and expert skill, ensuring outcomes that not only resolve dental issues but also bring joy and satisfaction.

Dr. Alfreahat embraces each day’s challenges with vigor, knowing that every patient and every treatment is a new opportunity to enhance a smile. Her dedication to overcoming dental obstacles is matched by her commitment to research and education. An active contributor to dental literature, Dr. Alfreahat has numerous peer-reviewed publications and continues to share her knowledge and insights with the next generation of dental professionals.

Fluent in both English and Arabic, Dr. Alfreahat excels in communicating with a diverse patient base, ensuring everyone feels understood and valued during their treatment.

When she’s not transforming smiles, Dr. Alfreahat enjoys spending quality time with her family, traveling to new destinations, and losing herself in a good book. These personal passions reflect her holistic approach to life and work, embodying the balance that makes her both an exceptional practitioner and a remarkable individual.

Join us at Liberty Dental Practice where Dr. Nisrin Alfreahat is ready to help you achieve the healthy, radiant smile you deserve.


Sabrina Simmons

Hygienist Therapist
GDC 222409

Meet Sabrina, our dedicated team hygienist, who has been delivering exceptional dental care since qualifying as a hygienist therapist in 2018. Sabrina’s journey in dental hygiene began at the Dental Training University of Portsmouth, where her passion for patient care deeply rooted. She furthered her expertise at Teesside University, becoming a certified hygiene therapist, and she continues to pursue additional training to enhance her skills.

Sabrina is committed to helping our patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health and is available for hygiene appointments on Tuesdays and Saturdays at our practice.

Outside the clinic, Sabrina has a zest for life that is as infectious as it is inspiring. She loves travelling, exploring new cultures, and indulging in great foods from around the world. Music and socialising are also integral parts of her life, bringing her joy and relaxation. Whether she’s enjoying a live concert or hosting gatherings with friends, Sabrina brings the same enthusiasm and care to her social life as she does to her professional role.

Join us in appreciating Sabrina not only for her professional dedication but also for the vibrant energy she brings to our practice!

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Niamh Whelan

Clinic Operations Manager and Treatment Coordinator

Meet Niamh, Our

Bringing both warmth and expertise to our dental family, Niamh oversees the daily operations of our clinic with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to providing exceptional patient care. With years of experience in healthcare management, she ensures that every visit to our practice is smooth, comfortable, and above all, effective.

In her dual role as Treatment Coordinator, Niamh takes a hands-on approach to guide patients through their dental journey. She excels in explaining complex treatments in an understandable way, ensuring that every patient feels informed and confident about their care plan. Her organisational skills shine as she coordinates between patients and dental professionals to optimise treatment outcomes.

Niamh's passion for organisation and efficiency is matched only by her love for exploring new places and experiencing diverse cultures. When she's not fine-tuning clinic procedures, championing patient satisfaction, or coordinating care, you might find her planning her next travel adventure or lost in the melodies of her favourite music.

Her belief is simple: a happy team leads to happy patients. Niamh works tirelessly to create an environment where staff can thrive and patients feel genuinely cared for. Whether you're visiting us for a routine check-up or a comprehensive treatment, Niamh’s meticulous approach ensures you receive the highest standard of care in a welcoming setting.

Join us in appreciating Niamh for not just what she does, but for the contagious enthusiasm and dedication she brings to our practice every day!

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Marina Sorial

Clinic Manager, Head Nurse, and Treatment Coordinator

Meet Marina Sorial, Our Esteemed Clinic Manager, Head Nurse, and Treatment Coordinator

Marina Sorial is the cornerstone of our dental practice, expertly blending her skills in dental nursing with unmatched management acumen. Since joining us in December 2023, Marina has been pivotal in ensuring that our clinic operates like a well-oiled machine, maintaining the highest standards of patient care and clinic efficiency.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of East London, Marina brings a unique perspective to her role, fostering a detail-oriented and proactive approach to both patient care and clinic operations. Her expertise is not just limited to clinical proficiency; she is also a wizard with administrative duties, adeptly managing schedules, and ensuring our dental supplies are well-stocked and meticulously organized.

As a Treatment Coordinator, Marina plays a crucial role in patient communications, explaining treatment plans clearly and helping patients understand the best options for their dental health. Her multilingual abilities enhance her capacity to communicate effectively with our diverse patient base, providing reassurance and clarity in every interaction. Her proficiency in CPR and her deep understanding of dental procedures make her an invaluable asset alongside our dentists during treatments.

As a leader, Marina is known for her calm demeanor and the ability to keep the team motivated even on the busiest days. Whether she’s offering chair-side assistance, advising patients on oral hygiene practices, or coordinating treatment plans, her commitment to excellence is evident in everything she does.

Outside the clinic, Marina’s passions extend to exploring new cultures and destinations, where she indulges in her love for travel and music. She is also deeply committed to her community, actively participating in local initiatives and using her criminology background to contribute positively. Her caring nature and dedication to health and well-being extend beyond our doors, making her a true hero in both professional and personal realms.

We are proud to have Marina Sorial as our Clinic Manager, Head Nurse, and Treatment Coordinator, where she continues to inspire and uplift everyone around her with her dedication and passion for healthcare.


Zoe Wilson

Treatment Coordinator

Zoe is the team’s treatment coordinator, helping with any questions patients may have about their upcoming treatment.

Zoe is a recent law graduate with an interest in dentistry, but first and foremost she is the friendly face at reception to help you out with your appointments.

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Toria Sandy

Trainee Dental Nurse

Toria is our trainee dental nurse, having just finished college she is now taking on the challenge of dental nursing.

Toria is interested particularly in aesthetic dentistry, and helping patients feel comfortable coming to us with their concerns.

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