Managing Dental Anxiety Part 2

Managing Dental Anxiety Part 2 Following our previous post, we have some more tips for helping to remain calm for your approaching trip to the

Oral Hygiene for Teens?

Oral Hygiene for Teens In some cases, the time the parents take to teach their children on how to prevent tooth decay goes on even

Invisalign: Definition and Benefits

Invisalign: Definition and Benefits What Is Invisalign? Invisalign, or “invisible aligners,” is yet one of the most innovative treatments for correcting dental problems next to

Baby Teething Comfort Tips

Baby Teething Comfort Tips The truth is, an infant is born with 20 teeth under the gum line. And as for parents like us, we’ve

8 Foods That Can Cause Bad Breath

8 Foods That Can Cause Bad Breath Bad breath is a common problem for many adults often affecting their self-confidence and how they engage in

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