New Patients

New Patients Welcome

If you are new to Liberty Dentists or simply looking to change dentists, we would be delighted to see you as a new patient.

Your First Appointment

As a new patient at Liberty Dentists, the first appointment we’d like to arrange for you is a New Patient ‘Initial Examination’. This appointment will involve you completing a Digital Medical History Form prior to your arrival, followed by an Xray (if necessary) and a thorough dental examination of the health of your gums, teeth and mouth including oral cancer screening.

We will also take the time to get to know you and to discuss any treatment preferences and nuances you may have, any concerns you may have with your smile, and any requirements you may have to make either some small tweaks or big improvements to your smile.

If necessary a diagnosis will be made and a treatment plan will be compiled and presented to you. Otherwise, you might be totally happy with your smile and just be looking for a dental team to help you look after and maintain it – and that’s okay, we can do that too!

Join us for Affordable, High Quality and Caring Dentistry

Here at Liberty Dentists  we strive to offer the highest possible private dental care, quality and customer service. Our team are friendly and approachable and are able to offer you the right advice so that whether it is routine care or perhaps a cosmetic treatment like teeth whitening, you can always make an informed choice.

Get in Touch with Us

To register as a new patient, simply call our practice today on 0203 137 9965. Alternatively, why not use our handy online booking tool? You can register and book an appointment in a few simple steps. Click here to book an appointment.

Nervous Patients

The main reason adults give for putting off visiting the dentist is not lack of time or concern about costs, but fear. Approximately one in six patients is nervous about dental appointments and for some that fear is so intense that it is classed as dental phobia, which can cause panic attacks and severe anxiety at even the thought of a trip to the surgery.

Below we have put together some helpful tips to make your visit as relaxing and calm as possible 

Share your fears
If you're tense or anxious, tell your dentist and the dental staff. It will help your dentist adapt the treatment to your needs.
Focus on breathing
Focus on breathing regularly and slowly during dental procedures. When people are nervous they tend to hold their breath, which decreases oxygen levels and further increases feelings of panic.
Watch what you eat and drink
Avoid caffeine before a dental appointment. Eat high-protein foods which produce a calming effect.
Use hand signals
Empower yourself by agreeing on hand signals to communicate with your dentist. When you feel uncomfortable, signal the dentist to ease off or stop the procedure.
Listen to some tunes
If the sound of the drill bothers you, bring along your favourite music/podcast and earphones.
Choose a low-stress appointment time
Select a time for your dental visit when you’re less likely to be rushed or under pressure e.g. Saturday or a morning appointment.

Kind words from our happy patients

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