Oral Hygiene for Teens?

Oral Hygiene for Teens

In some cases, the time the parents take to teach their children on how to prevent tooth decay goes on even after the adolescent years. A teenager with very minimal dental problems can be an indication that you have done a very good job as a parent in taking care of his teeth.  Yay!

Though this may be good news, it is still worth noting that the cavity-prone years are not yet behind your  teen. As teens may be as susceptible to cavities as children, there’s a lot that we can do to prevent tooth decay and develop good dental health practice during this stage (adolescence).  



Following Basic Dental Hygiene.

Brushing your teeth for at least 2 minutes twice a day ideally with fluoride toothpaste is one step to achieving better dental health. Flossing before bedtime is another. What’s in it for you following these? Well, just stronger and whiter teeth and fresher breath. Bet you like it! 

Good Eating Habits.

Like what they say about diet, you are what you eat. This is true particularly when talking about dental health.  Though, more often than not, it’s quite a challenge to follow good nutrition when you become mostly on the go and started to have more freedom to make your own food choices. But on a more positive note, this could be a good opportunity for you to start becoming conscious about the food that you consume on a daily basis. This does not only apply to your dental health but also to your overall health condition. 


To prevent tooth decay, most dentists recommend that teens eat healthy snacks between meals and limit sugary foods and drinks. For a starter, you can fill your fridge with water, milk, and easy-to-grab nutritious foods like apple, cheese, and veggies.  


Smile Protection.

In case you are engaged with some physical activities like sports, consider wearing mouthguards on for protection purposes.  Your local dentist, or could be us, can walk you through on different options and types of guards that best fits you and your lifestyle. 

Dental Visits.

This comes highly advisable not only to teens but to all ages. A regular dental check-up is already a treat you give yourself. By doing so, you are making sure that you get professional advice for your teeth whether for preventive, treatment, or restorative purposes. Have you heard of the fluoride treatment?  Ask your dentist about it and see whether you’ve already been missing this treatment for your teeth.  

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