Oral Health and the Environment

Oral Health and the Environment

We all want to do our bit to care for the planet, but how do you maintain a healthy smile whilst being eco-friendly? Below are tips to care for mother nature, whilst looking after those pearly whites!

One of the most important things you can do is take care with your purchasing; we know it is not easy to check out every brand before you buy, but it is worth doing. Corporations do far more damage environmentally than individuals ever can, so investing in the right companies draws money away from those who disregard the environment. 

Another great way to be sustainable is select brands using better, or less wasteful materials in their products. For example, choosing a company that uses bio based/renewable plastics and promises longevity in their products – creating less waste is key in reducing your impact, as well as the company’s.

On that same note, there are some small changes you can make in your personal use of products, without compromising on price or quality. Biodegradable floss, recyclable toothpaste tubes or buying mouthwash tablets to keep in a glass jar are three great cost effective examples which minimise single use plastics and waste.

One final way you as a consumer can help to extend the life of your oral health products, is to re-purpose them! Struggling to clean between your bathroom tiles? A toothbrush is the perfect size for the gaps between tiles, why not give it a try instead of throwing your old toothbrush away and buying another plastic product? You could also give your tarnished jewellery a go, or your dusty keyboard. The easy grip-handles and rounded bristles make the humble toothbrush a formidable cleaning tool!

Whilst this is not the heart of the problem regarding becoming more sustainable, it is true that every small effort we can make contributes to a better living environment for everyone.

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