Shift or Crooked Teeth and Why does it Happen?

Shift or Crooked Teeth and Why does it Happen?

Ever noticed a shift in your bite? While teeth may appear firmly attached, it is also a normal scenario that they shift over time, making them misaligned or crooked. Why does it happen and what are the factors?

Your Baby Teeth. Baby teeth are softer than permanent teeth, which makes them particularly susceptible to acid found in liquids such as soda, juice and flavored waters. As a result, they become crooked. Furthermore, baby teeth get crooked for several reasons. Either they are too small for the available gum space,  or when you were little, you sucked your thumb or pacifier too long that caused the crooked. Other cases like having a trauma to the mouth or tooth decay can also be a factor for the baby tooth to fall out prematurely. Hence, the permanent teeth may grow crooked too. More often than not, if the baby teeth happen to be crowded, the permanent teeth will be too. While genetics and hereditary are a factor to this, poor dental habits and/or poor nutrition can also be a problem at times. 

Enamel erosion. Normally, the wear caused by enamel erosion can lead to reduced thickness of tooth enamel and a change in the texture, shape, and appearance of the teeth, which may also cause teeth to become weak and sensitive over time. This can significantly cause the teeth to move out of alignment. Teeth that appear thin and translucent are a sign that tooth enamel erosion may have already begun. Excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching (Bruxism) can change the shape of the teeth. 


Your jaw size. This is  another factor to blame. Interestingly, the lower jaw can grow forward continually throughout an individual’s lifetime. This, as a result, can cause the lower front teeth to bump into the upper front teeth making either the top teeth spread out or the bottom teeth crowded. Also, the width of the lower jaw tends to diminish over the years, which also contributes to the crowding of the lower teeth.

Age. Inevitably, aging causes bones, ligaments, and muscles to grow weaker. Thus, the constant pressure of moving against each other can wear teeth down, causing them to shift and crowd.

Takeaway. Shift or crooked teeth are a common problem experienced by many children, teens, and adults. And there could be other reasons not listed here why this happens to our teeth.  They don’t necessarily require treatment unless they’re causing health problems or self-esteem issues or simply when it’s becoming hard to chew, to speak, or to keep your teeth clean for you. Good thing is that there are many options available for straightening them.

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