Managing Dental Anxiety Part 2

Managing Dental Anxiety Part 2

Following our previous post, we have some more tips for helping to remain calm for your approaching trip to the dentist.

Tip #1: Seek out a dentist that specifically works with nervous patients, you can usually find this advertised on their website. All dentists receive training to help nervous patients, but practices that work with nervous patients are going to have more time and training to help your visit run as smoothly as possible.

Tip #2: The wonderful world of technology can help you! Ask your dental practice if they have headphones, or you can always bring your own! Listen to whatever makes you feel good during treatments to help bring your anxiety levels down. Practices may also have items such as stress balls, or bring a cuddly toy for some extra support.


Tip #3: Bring a friend! A visit to the dentist is always easier if someone you love is awaiting you in the lobby. Let the practice know if you would like someone to accompany you into the surgery, we are willing to accommodate anything that would make you more at home.

Tip #4: Take breaks during treatment. Your dentist will always ask you how you are feeling during any treatments, do not be afraid to ask for a break. The unknown can be scary so feel free to stop and ask what exactly the dentist is doing, or if you just need a breather.

Tip #5: Ask your dentist what the appropriate anesthesia or sedation options are for you. If your dentist does not offer sedation they can always refer you to another practice that they have a relationship with if that is how you feel most comfortable undergoing treatment. 

We hope these tips help you feel a little more comfortable with your appointments!

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